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What happens when two friends sit down and create music? What will come out? Will it be any good? Will the collaboration be a positive experience? Will the message come through?

The two members of Dos Bros, Devin Avey and Pat McMillan, set out to find some of the answers to these questions. They took their experience playing in bands throughout Santa Cruz and channeled it into a new project. In the process they learned the joys of creating original music and further advanced their love of music.

Upbeat rhythms, positive lyrics, and collaboration are all key as Dos Bros strives to bring Feel Good Music to the people. Dos Bros has created their original music using ukuleles, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, drums and horns. With a heavy influence from reggae and surf music, Dos Bros aims to capture the sounds of summer and take you on a relaxing musical journey. 

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy creating it.

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Dos Bros artwork.png
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