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Get Your Dos Bros T-Shirt!

Dos Bros t-shirt black and white.jpg

     Dos Bros has some incredibly comfortable t-shirts for sale - grab yours before they are all gone! We are selling women's and men's t-shirts in two different colors (see below). Ice Blue for the ladies and Calm Blue for the men!

     We are selling each t-shirt for $25 and 2 for $40. Send a message via Instagram or email and we will arrange for a meet up at our next show or ship it to you (no charge!)



Two shades of blue - one for women and one for men. Charcoal gray in both women's and men's cuts.

Mockups Blue.JPG


For the women's t-shirt: Ice Blue

For the men's t-shirt: Calm Blue

Small logo on the chest and matching logo on the back.

Mockups gray.JPG

Charcoal Gray

Women's and men's t-shirts in charcoal both come with small logo on the breast and matching logo on the back.

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