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"Home" is where the heart is...

Sands from the past running through my toes

Faces in the echoes of people that I know

Songs in the sunsets remind me of long ago

A fifth grade view from a five decade old soul

There is no place like home. Some people are lucky to have one true hometown - a place that their family still calls home. It might have gone through changes for sure, but it can still be seen through the eyes of a child. Visiting a hometown can transport you back in time. You may be growing old but the memories are as fresh as can be.

Back alleys and the streets I used to walk when I was young

Names of friends and places on the tip of my tongue

Visions in my head remind where I’m from

Think of it now - it makes my body numb

I know not everyone has the exact feeling this song is trying to describe and maybe your life has included many hometowns. However, it is highly likely this feeling has existed within you - or will exist in the future. The feeling that you've been in the exact same spot before. Seeing faces or hearing sounds that you know you have seen or heard before. A familiar smell that triggers a memory. All of your senses working overtime to remind you of where you came from.

This song was inspired by a hometown. Thanks for shaping a childhood. Thanks for creating memories that have stood the test of time. Thanks for creating a past and helping to build a future.

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