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When Love Hits

Updated: May 31, 2021

Love helps us to survive

Pain lets us know that we’re alive

When pain hits don’t run for cover

Because love when it hits, it feels like no other

Love and pain are uniquely connected. While they might considered opposites, they need each other. Their contrasting nature helps you appreciate one (love) and understand another (pain). You could argue that they need each other like highs needs lows, like night needs day, like work needs play. Every hero needs a villain and without each other their impact is lessened.

However, love is the true star of this song. It comes in so many different forms, but you know it when it arrives. It can be the love you feel in a close friendship or it can be the love you feel in a romantic relationship. It demands attention and makes it presence felt. We know it can be fleeting, so it must be acknowledged and appreciated.

When love hits, you’ll know it

Because you’ll feel it deep down in your soul

Could be a glance, a second chance

A special friendship or a deep romance

Just don’t question it, full around or mess with it

Try hard to cherish it because you’re blessed with it

Pain, on the other hand, is hard to ignore and makes you take notice. It wriggles in. It creeps up on you. It comes out of nowhere. Sometimes it comes when you are not expecting it and other times you can see it coming from a mile away. It is sometimes unavoidable no matter what you do.

When the pain hits, you’ll know it

Clench your teeth, try not to show it

Digs in deep, works itself around

Weakens your mind, knocks you down

Love and pain need each other. However, we choose love. It is the answer and we hope this song helps you seek it out.

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