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"Your love is a wave..."

Love songs are a plenty in music. It is such an important part of our lives and a natural topic for new songs. One of Dos Bros members just celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently and was about to get married when this song was written.

It started like a whirlwind baby

Just like friends, but I thought maybe…

I’d plant a seed, have a little faith now..

Watch it grow, and maybe somehow

The first stage: So much unknown, but so much potential. So many questions and nothing but time to learn the answers.

Thick and thin you stayed by my side

You were in for such a wonderful ride

Blood, sweat, and tears, just you and me

we grew into a sweet little family

The next stage: The relationship has started and there are the inevitable ups and downs that are natural in new relationships. However, there are the joys and success in finding someone who you truly connect with.

Now we’re way past the maybe

A better man is what you made me

Every day you fill up my heart

Nothing will ever tear us apart

The last stage: Reflection. The continual moments of looking at your relationship and seeing what an amazing effect it has had on you.

This song is special because of what it means to the newlywed in Dos Bros, but hopefully it rings true for all those that listen too.

Your love’s like a wave washing over me

Time to dive into that deep blue sea

Your love’s got its hooks in deep

Come on baby, ride this wave with me

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