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Ocean Holiday

Updated: May 30, 2021

Paddle out onto that big blue sea

Yeah it’s beauty for you and it’s beauty for me

Feed your soul, take control of your destiny

The sand, the land, the salt, the sea can set you free

A consistent theme in Dos Bros songs is the ocean. Growing up close to the beach provided many opportunities to interact with the ocean and realize the calming effect it can have. The power it provides can also be transferred to those who enjoy it. Therapeutic. Healing. Transformative.

"Ocean Holiday" touches on many of these ideas as it presents the ocean as a place where all your worries, stresses, and problems can be released. It may not solve all of the problems, but it can certainly offer a respite to whatever is troubling you.

In a busy world full of stressful obligations, book your "Ocean Holiday" as soon as possible.

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