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Virtual Party

Updated: May 30, 2021

Many of the songs that Dos Bros wrote have been in the works for a while. Voice memos saved on the phone, melodies bouncing around our heads, ideas that have had time to settle and develop.

But 2020 proved to be a bit different as the world changed. An epidemic arrived and altered our lives incredibly. Our daily routines changed and we had to learn to adjust and communicate in new ways.

Barbecues, get togethers, happy hours were lost and virtual parties were created. Friends reached out to one another the only way possible and started working hard to connect in a new, digital way.

"Virtual Party" started off as a fun groove and took on new meaning when cast against shelter-in-place orders and quarantine. We hope that it sheds a light on this strange new reality and more importantly, reminds you that you can still make time to get together with friends - even if it's just a virtual party.

Living it up, all day our way

Because we can’t be with nobody

Sending our thoughts to people we love

In this virtual party

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1 commentaire

A beautiful reflection on our “time out.”

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