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Fresh Start

2020 was rough. No question. Coronavirus, political divisions across the country, social unrest, natural disasters - it seemed like nothing was out of bounds. This tough year inspired this song as we made the case for a fresh start.

The song starts by looking at the individual and asking that they take responsibility for change. The individual can then spread change to others in hopes of promoting positivity.

We’re all born with love, not hate, inside us

Events of the world start to divide us

Transform yourself if that’s what you need

Reach out to another we ask you please

A fresh start is needed for you and for me

It continues to address the community - a group of individuals who should be able to work together despite their inherent differences. Embrace differences and encourage others to express themselves openly - all the while being true to themselves.

Next step is to change your community

It’s important that everybody feel free

To embrace their individuality and

Promote cultural diversity

A fresh start is needed for you and for me

The final step is to share that message with the world. We all need to move forward and actively embrace change. This is not limited to some citizens of the world,

but is instead the responsibility of everyone.

Change is what we need all around the world

From the ninety-nine to the one who’s lost control

No return to normal, no fork in the road

Voice your opinions, let your truth be told!

Change is work. We hope this song promotes the idea that a fresh start might be needed to help us create a world we are truly proud of.

C’mon people, wake up

Embrace the movement

Spread love and peace to see improvement

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