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Collaborate: The Beginning of Dos Bros

This song is, obviously, about collaboration. It started with a hook on a ukulele. One of those hooks that bounces around your head or jumps off your ukulele when you pick it up. One that begs to be heard by someone else. One that brings a smile to your face and gives you urgency - what should I do with it?

Thankfully, this idea was shared. The groove was felt, the smile was received and "Collaboration" started to take shape. A hook became chords, which in turn became a melody. The message was clear, for it was happening in real time: Collaborate. As the song states:

Collaborate, demonstrate, instigate

Celebrate with those who make you great

Find the ones who spark the joy

Who help you to create

It all starts with finding someone you work well with. Someone that pushes you to improve and receives your ideas and bounces them back. Collaboration is a give and take and one that requires patience. As the song continues:

So reach for help, do it well, for your friends and yourself

Surrounded by those who know you well

Make the right decision? 

Only time will tell

Time will tell if Dos Bros will continue to collaborate affectively, but if the beginning is any indication, it promises to be a fruitful future.

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