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First Light

Updated: May 30, 2021

First light will I write a song I might

First light just one song I’ll stay up all night

Gonna have a song by the first light

We imagine every musician writes differently. Everyone has their own process and each goes through their own fits and starts. Some may take a more detailed process and approach it like a science, while others might create on a moment's inspiration.

Inspiration might even come during times of unconsciousness - like "First Light", for example. "First Light" came during a restful sleep. The melody bounced around all night and was waiting in the morning. The basic idea just needed to be built upon and developed, but it was basically formed during the night.

Once the basic idea was formulated, the collaboration truly began and the song had an opportunity to improve. New instruments were added, tweaks were made, edits and revisions were suggested. Some horns were even written to fill out the song.

In our busy lives it is safe to say that there aren't too many times of our day when life really quiets down, so maybe it is not surprising that a song can come out of sleep. No matter how the idea arrives, find the time to write that song - even if it means staying "up all night". Then, maybe it will be ready by the 'first light".

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